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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Very Favorite Baby Gear

My “new” mommy years have spanned a decade now. My oldest is 10, my youngest is 6 weeks old and I have a few kiddos inbetween.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite baby gear for those of you like me who get a thrill out of this kind of thing.

I have the Keekaroo Peanut Changer diaper changing in the “Chocolate” color. Which I’m thinking will come in handy when we start table foods. Or, hmmm, maybe not. Ewww if it gets missed during a clean up. Anyway, I picked the color because the rest were TOO bright and it looks cute in my baby’s pink room.

This changing pad is fabulous! I can move it from room to room, which I actually did this morning when I got up to use the bathroom and heard a loud something coming from my daughter’s bassinet in my bedroom. It is soft, easy to clean, and somewhat attractive. The best part is if you get a little messy...go ahead and clean it up with wipes and it’s done! No stripping of the changing pad cover, throwing it in the wash and leaving the pad coverless for a week or two (before you remember to put it back on and get the changing pad all grossy gross in the mean time).

I got a Moby Wrap when my third child was four days old. I’m not quite sure how I was able to parent my first two without this lovely wrap! (I had a carrier, but it was nothing by comparison). My children live in this for the first several months of their lives. It is WONDERFUL...just ask my little one who is snoring in it right now!

The Blooming Baby Bath is a new one after this baby. She did not enjoy our first go at it. But every bath she’s had since has been such a pleasure that I think my 5th child will get bathed more than the rest of them combined. It is so soft and SO CUTE (the yellow one is at least) and it’s GREAT for pictures. She smiles and enjoys her baths so much and it’s easy on the back. I bathed all the others in a baby bath on the floor of the bathroom. So uncomfortable and stressful for everyone. I just keep all her bathing supplies in the kitchen and do this in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our day. Lovely!

I purchased this Baby Trend Snap n Go stroller on craigslist and I can’t tell you what it means to me. It is so light and so easy to maneuver and getting the car seat in and out is a cinch. I love babywearing...but in a cold climate it isn’t always so convenient to get your newborn in a carrier to go in a store. And sometimes you need somewhere to put the baby. And carrying those car seats around is HORRIBLE on my back and neck. So, I officially love this product. ***I use a Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat which is a new venture out of Graco world for me with this baby as well. I really like the ease of the seat...installing it in the car and getting baby in and out of the straps. It’s a winner.

The My Brest Friend pillow is the bomb. I started out using the “boppy” pillow with my first four. I always used it approximately twice and then handed it off to whomever happened to be the toddler to use to hold the new baby. They sag down and the baby and everything else sags with it. My back and neck were always killing me with the constant nursing the first four times around. I have no complaints this time around. Baby stays positioned where I want her to stay and it’s the pillow is comfortable. I can walk around with her on it and in the early, early days, I would walk around with her asleep in my arms and use it to help me hold her so I wouldn’t get too tired. This is an essential.

We got this Arm’s Reach co-sleeper bassinet on loan from a friend. At 6 weeks my baby is just now letting me put her in it for one of her night stretches of sleep. Even before she would sleep in it, it was nice to have by the side of the bed, to know she was safe and wouldn’t fall off the edge. It is wonderful to be able to scoop her in and out of the bassinet without having to get up out of bed.

I started using Gumdrop paci’s with baby #4. I love how they are one piece like the hospital no fear of the sucking part separating from the other part. It is perfectly shaped for a breast fed baby as well. AND the casing of it kind of cups around their little faces. Plus, they are kind of cute for a paci, and the little attachments for them are adorable (we have the ice cream one and the candy bracelet one). My kid’s choir teacher gave us this super cute little clear bin that has some colorful painting on it with our baby’s name personalized on the side. We store her paci’s in there and it is the cutest thing. Too bad she doesn’t really care for them and it looks like she is trying to get her thumb in her mouth.

I have the Iglesina Fast Table Chair waiting up in my daughter’s closet. We got it in red. The purple one is definitely cute but didn’t think I’d like it in my living space. Not that bright red is what I’m going for, but it may be a bit better. I look forward to using this. It seems comfy and easily on and off. We eat outside a lot and moving a high chair in and out was annoying with the other kids. This looks like it would wash up easier and I love the fact that you can fold it up into it’s own bag when we’re on the go...which with 5 kids we will be more so than with any of the others.

OK, that is all for now. Just thought I’d share what I’ve been loving.

****Edited to add on...
 I can't believe I forgot about THIS product. It is an absolute MUST HAVE and is truly miraculous. With my first baby I used traditional swaddling method with a big blanket. With baby #2 I got the Target kinds with velcro. Nice but the velcro was noisey and when he pulled out of it it would wake him up. I got this blanket with kiddo #3 and have used it now with 3 babies. It is A.MAZING. When they are little they CAN NOT escape their swaddle and it keeps them asleep longer. I have really sleepy babies and this might partially be why. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Miracle Blanket.

Also, I just ordered these little booties from Amazon last week. The girl brand are really hideous looking next to my daughter's adorable outfits, but they STAY ON HER FEET! They don't come off during feedings or in the car or playing on the ground. This is true of robeez too, and I like Robeez when they are older. But having something soft for a newborn is nice. Plus they grow so fast and shoes don't last long at this age and these are CHEAP! Love them!!!


  1. GIrl, you know I love this post! I have never used a Moby wrap but really want to try it this time around. I'm a little nervous to pay $50 in case I don't like wearing the baby, but I LOVE the idea of being able to wear the baby and have free hands to do other stuff!

    And that bathtub thingy is just too cute!

  2. hey Bugs! I hope you see it again because I added on two more items that are MUST HAVES. But on the Booties, someone on my facebook said they have a friend that makes some fleece booties like them and hers are MUCH cuter and s'posedly around $5 too. I'll get you some for baby girl when she's born if you want them ;)